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Мы не играем в театр

Мы живем театром

Мы не торопимся наряжаться в костюмы...

Мы создаем образы

Мы не стремимся взять микрофоны

мы развиваем голос

Мы не загоняем в физические рамки и штампы

Мы раскрепощаем тело

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Voice and Speech


Stage movement

Stage Combat

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Theatre Critique


Ivan Logvinov
Artistic /
Production Director
Ekaterina Serebryakova
Executive /
Production Director
Sofya Logvinova
Costume designer/
Art Instructor
Sasha Bondarev

Discover the Magic of Theater SOLO!


Theater SOLO was founded by the talented acting couple, Ivan Logvinov and Ekaterina Serebryakova on the basis of Solo School. When they arrived in Atlanta in 2005, they had no idea that the friendly cast of their first performance, "Pinocchio," would grow into a professional troupe. With a passion for creation and years of experience, Ivan and Ekaterina have honed their skills to bring you an unforgettable theatrical experience.


Unleash Your Inner Actor!


Theater SOLO is a place where children and adults alike can act and create. The doors are always open to anyone with a passion for the stage. Come join our friendly and lively team and immerse yourself in the theatrical world. You'll fall in love with the stage in no time!


A School for Actors!


At Theater SOLO, we believe there's no better training ground for actors than children's plays. Children are the harshest critics, and they won't accept anything but authenticity. It takes a great actor to captivate their attention, earn their trust, and bring their stories to life.


Join the Best!


Over the years, Theater SOLO has participated in numerous International Theater Festivals, Reader's Contests, and Ivan and Ekaterina are proud co-founders of the Children's Theatre Exchange program. Come be a part of the magic and experience the thrill of live theater!