Ivan Logvinov

Artistic / Production Director

Ivan is a graduate of the Acting and Directing Course at the German Sidakov School, with a specialization in both theater and film directing.

Studied at Sergey Melkonyan Drama Academy of Acting and Drama and a student of Mikhail  Novohizhin and YuriViniaminovich Shlykov (Shchukinsky Institute in Moscow,Russia).. Ivan worked in Moscow on many professional scenes, such as Vakhtangov Theatre, Romen Theater, Theatre on Taganka, Ruben Simonov’s Theatre, stared in films and commercials. Here in Atlanta Ivan performed in some Metropolis Theater productions directed by Prodan Dimov. It was remarkable bilingual Performance with talented Atlanta actor Jon Hyden “The Bear. Proposal. The Harmfulness of Tobacco” and  “Same Time Next Year”. 
Now Ivan is an artistic director at Solo Theatre  - bilingual(Russian/English) kids theatre in Atlanta area. 

Ekaterina Serebryakova

ekaterina serebryakova

Executive | Production Director

Ekaterina has graduated from the Shchepkin’s Drama Institute (Maly Theatre) in Moscow as a Theater and Movie Actress. 

After Graduation Ekaterina worked in the Theater “ Na Perovskoy” where she built new roles with talented director Kirill Panchenko. 
Ekaterina was starring on Russian Television in TV serials and Commercials. Participated in different Theatrical Programs and Concerts, Plaid in New Year Performance in Luzhkov’s Meria and much more.
Ekaterina came to Atlanta as a Manager and Drama Instructor at “Solo School of Art and Drama,Inc”, now she is a an Executive Director  at the School and theatre instructor.

Sofya Logvinova

Sofya Logvinova

Art Instructor | Costumes Designer

Sofya Logvinova is the founder of our School and the Soul of our School. She is a genius Sculptor and Instructor. Sofya is the main part of all School Holidays and Events, she designs and creates all our costumes and decorations – she is a magician! Sofya graduated from Moscow Pedagogical Institute with Major in Art and Sculpting and began her pedagogical activity just after her graduation in a well-known Abramcevski Art School named by outstanding painter Vasnecov as Sculpting and Drawing teacher. On the base of her experience she founded a Grammar School “Tarasovka”, located near Moscow, Pushkino city, where she worked as a principal assistant and the teacher of the Fine Arts. She was nominated an award from the President of the Russian Federation, B.Yeltsin, for the development of author’s educational programs in the Fine Arts at the School. When Sofya moved to Atlanta she taught Art Classes in JCC Center and traveled a lot as a private Teacher . She was a sculptress and a designer with Architecture Brass Company and the author of many Art works in Atlanta. One of her biggest work is in Atlanta White House.

Sasha Bondarev

Sasha Bondarev


Sasha Bondarev is a talented composer known for his ability to create beautiful and unique musical compositions. With a passion for music that began at a young age, Sasha has devoted his life to studying and perfecting his craft. He has a deep understanding of various music styles and techniques, and has developed a signature sound that is both emotive and technically impressive.

Sasha's musical compositions range from classical to contemporary, and he has worked on a variety of projects including film scores, television themes, and theatrical productions. He is skilled at creating music that perfectly captures the emotion and mood of a scene, and is able to evoke powerful emotions through his compositions.

Nadya Zeitlin

Nadya Zeitlin


Nadya Zeitlin is a curious choreographer, teacher and moving artist. Her main inspiration is dance theatre and her favorite question is “what if?” Her moving arts education includes workshops and intensives with teachers from Portugal, Belgium, Israel, Slovakia, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan. 

 Her education and practice in the United States include GloATL (studied and performed in their works), Pinch’n’Ouch Theatre, TanzFarm, CORE Dance (9 months of internship: Outreach and Production), Teachers Training Institute, C4 Atlanta’s HATCH Training Intensive and other Atlanta-based classes and workshops. Volunteered as DanceATL Coordinator June 2015 - January 2016. Since her relocation in 2013, Nadya has presented her works in various venues in Atlanta: Midtown Players ClubEyedrum GalleryModern Atlanta Dance Festival (as the winner of 24 hrs Dance Competition 2015, tie), 368 PONCEDecatur Arts FestivalSkwhirlhaus etc. She also curated two multi-disciplinary shows herself: Site-Specific Dance show for Midtown Players Club, and Doors Can Dance. In 2019 she completed her first short dance-movie ...and then the dishwasher got broken, premiered at the FEMMEfest and selected for screening at the EnCORE Dance Festival in Decatur, GA and Houston, TX in May 2019.