2014 – March 22 – Family Plant Day

2014 – March 22 – Family Plant Day

Great job!
What a wonderful day we had yesterday at the School !

Thanks to everyone who joined this event.
Our students, parents and friends helped Medside Center to plant bushes around the building.
This is an invaluable contribution!
Now Medside Center costomers and SOLO School students will see how the flowers bloom.
Large and friendly team always makes a big job and we are very happy to realize that we have a lot of our school friends .
Medside and SOlo School volonteers planted yesterday
100 azaleas, 30 Gardenias, 15 Viburnums, 100 Huecheras

We believe that children hadan unforgettable experience!
In gratitude for his work for all the assistants were grilled sausages from Medside and flags from the School
Great !
It was truly a Family Day !




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