Crafts with Mommy

Crafts with Mommy

Crafts with mommy.
This Class price is as regular School Prices
Plus $5 supplies fee for the session

Children love art and they love making things with their hands… Creativity is one of the most important skills you can help develop in your child. With this in mind, we are introducing you the class for our youngest students which is designed to expose children to the art experience through a variety of materials to stimulate visual awareness as well as hand eye coordination. Mommies will be on hand to assist the small budding artists with their projects (Dads, Grandparents and Nannies are also welcome).

Cutting with scissors, molding clay, gluing and pasting,
picking up craft pieces, etc… it’s such a fun and all help to develop creativity and  are very necessary fine motor skills.
Do you now that fine motor skills help in your child’s speech development?
That’s one of the main reasons we are offering this Class.

We want our kids to grow smart!

Kids do not just learn creativity from crafting, they also learn critical thinking skills as well. They learn about shapes, measurements, problem
solving, organization, reasoning and many more important skills too numerous to try to list.
Children will experience lots of different textures for part of their brain development.
They won’t really care about the end result, that’s just something for you to keep, but they will enjoy touching different textures, using different materials to create something new and especially when it gets really messy!

It’s so important when your child is growing and developing in the cozy and friendly environment.
Making projects with friends, following directions in Russian Language and developing fine motor skills and creativity is priceless!
You and your little one will try different tekhniks and ideas:
Simple collage with a variety of textured materials
Manipulating simple objects to make prints on a page
Tearing paper and sticking it on to another
Mixing materials and textures
Crayons, simple drawing (lines)
Dipping and dabbing
Sticking shapes ,forms onto a marked page
Crumbling, sprinkling or shaking material onto a page
Making shapes out of handprints
Coloring with crayons and drawing with chalk
Freestyle drawing and painting followed by simple instructions
Creating collages out of recognizable shapes, photographs or stickers
Spreading glue with a brush
Pressing down on an object to achieve a print
Simple folding along a marked line
Pasting, Spreading and sticking materials…

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