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Dear Solo Families,

It is such a pleasure to see our school full of students in a very happy and purposeful atmosphere.
Since I also have two wonderful kids of different ages, I can absolutely understand how important it is to keep the Russian Language and challenging it can be. My elder son was five years old when he came to America.  He immersed in English-speaking environment, and began to refuse to talk Russian to us. But I believe you should never give up. Now he speaks fluent Russian and English and he is proud to know two languages.  My young daughter opened different ways and opportunities in my mind, and we even added Music with Mommy Class, because it is so important to develop the language from early childhood. I absolutely can understand how difficult it is sometimes to push kids to learn and speak Russian language.  As an actress and a very creative and positive person, I lead our school into the direction where the kids can do things they love and really enjoy learning Russian language at the same time. When you care about students it helps create a positive, nurturing relationship and helps to build an environment where learning can blossom.I am incredibly proud of the work we have done at our school and I sincerely look forward to helping you learn more about how Solo School education fits with the personal and spiritual goals you have for your child.  Please take a moment and call 404-732-2449 to schedule a visit so I can show you everything our school has to offer!


Head of Solo School of Fine Arts

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