Hip Hop dance class for children

Hip Hop dance class for children

This Class is in English Language

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Our School is offering Hip Hop Classes in Atlanta area  for kids ,teens and adults

Welcome to the most  popular dance form in the world today.

This dance is good for everyone as it’s not difficult -Hip hop is just a music in your body.

So feel it and just do what makes you feel good!

It is not only a way to have fun  but it  teaches teamwork, increases strength, coordination and agility.

We will introduce our students to the basic moves of hip hop and give them a proper dance foundation.
Each Class starts with warm up exercises

Students will learn the fundamentals of hip hop movement

At the end of the Class – use learned moves as a starting point, then make your own moves out of them.Just getting your body comfortable with the beat. Feel the beat.

HIP HOP is modern!

It’s is a healthy lifestyle!

It’s is a freedom and  an ability to express yourself through movements of your body!

It’s lots of fun while becoming trained in the art of dance.

Dancing is the way to fitness and health ♥


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