2015-V International Festival of Russian Speaking Youth Theaters

We are so happy to join the V International Festival of Russian Speaking Youth Theaters.

This year we will bring there our Letuchy Korabl’ (Flying Ship) play. The play is our musical take on a famous Russian animated film that includes a lot of singing and fun.
You might remember our last year’s play “Muha Tsokotuha.” It was a great success at the festival, and we took a Grand Pris with it. However, for us it means we need to work more and harder this year to keep the high bar.
We are practicing each Saturday and will be practicing even more.
We are grateful to everyone, who helps and supports our Theater – it’s such a pleasure to feel that the entire Atlanta community is with us!
We are currently planning a lot of fundraising activities to fund this great trip. There are many different ways to support us, please check out our website and school flyers for current information.
Please remember that you can always become a part of our team through your support.
Solo School of fine Arts, Inc. is a non-profit organisation – all your donations are tax-deductible and we will gladly take every dollar you can spare.

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