One can discover one’s talent easier when encouraged by wonderful teachers in a creative atmosphere.
Not only do we teach and preserve the Russian language, we also provide a high quality Fine Arts education rooted in both Russian and American traditions. We share with our students our love for, and knowledge of Theatre and Performing Arts, while promoting cultural enrichment in the community by staging performances and planning various arts and culture events.
Russian School in Atlanta would like to welcome you and your children to our warm and cozy atmosphere. Learning a second language and another culture will certainly contribute to your children’s better spiritual and cultural development, and help them feel special.
We strive to help your children achieve their greatest potential, as well as adjust to a diverse and ever-changing contemporary society.

Our Solo School of Fine Arts offers language classes of various levels and complexity:
Russian as Second Language Class– for families where one or both parents speak English only;
Advanced Class “Russian Federation standards”- for children who can speak Russian well and want to develop not only speaking skills, but grammar, writing, and reading as it is taught in Russia today; and
Our popular Russian Language Class- for children who mostly want to develop their speech skills and don’t plan to have deep knowledge of Russian grammar.
In addition, we have various Fine Arts lessons such as:
Visual Arts – helping children to appreciate arts from the very beginning to the deep understanding of arts and the techniques,
History of Russia – where children learn the history and traditions of their historical motherland,
Acting- where children create, imagine and think out in Russian,
World of Music- where they sing, dance, play, and do everything that is so much fun,
Ballroom Dance -taught by world-class instructor of Atlanta Elite Ballroom Team

We are particularly proud to invite your children to join our Russian Vocal Ensemble SOLOwushki, especially those who like to sing, can commit  and want to perform on stage. Both adults and children are also invited to join Solo Theater, the treasure of our Russian School. This is the only Russian Theater in Atlanta sharing Russian culture with the community, where children and adults together stage professional-quality performances.
All our school instructors are native Russian speakers, highly educated, talented, experienced and creative. Welcome to our Russian School in Atlanta family where we not only teach different levels of Russian language but also develop our educational programs and build your child’s creativity through visual and performing arts.

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