Solo Theater

«SOLO» Theater is created with the Russian School of the Arts in Atlanta «SOLO School of Fine Arts» by creative actor couple Ivan Logvinov and Ekaterina Serebryakova .

When Ivan and Ekaterina came to Atlanta, they couldn’t imaging that the friendly team of their first performance of “Pinocchio” will grow into a professional troupe. After all, the professionalism acquired with experience, when there is a desire to create. Solo Theatre team concists of children and adults. Solo takes all comers and never closes its doors. Many first attracts friendly and cheerful team, and then they are immersed in the theatrical life and fall in love with the stage.

Solo Teatre basically put performances for children. And believe mus – there is no better school for an actor than a children’s show. Anyone who has managed to adequately play for kids,take their attention, later will be abble to play the mostdifficult role. After all, children – this is the most critical audience. They will never mix the truth and lye. However, our actors are not going to make mistakes. All of them are rehearsing hard and with pleasure – the excitement, the desire to play – all this at a glance.


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