World of Music

World of Music

Classes with Marina Drankina are always fun and game increasing children’s interest and desire to participate. Children sing, dance, and play, i.e. they do everything that is so fun. These classes also enrich children’s Russian Language.

Classes for students 3-6 years old

In these age groups children learn about famous composers.
Children start to understand music’s character and tempo, learn the basic musical genres, feel the music’s tone and mood, learn familiar melodies and music flow: quiet and loud, slow and fast, so that they develop ability to distinguish various sounds.
Children train to sing melodically, accurately, start  and finish in unison.
We continue to learn musical and rhythmic movements  skills.
In class, the teacher uses different colourful attributes and accessoires, dancing with them makes kids happy.  Children play musical role-playing games, they become hares, birdies to simulate their sounds and songs.
To make it easier for them, instructor assigns the children selected character costumes or attributes to promote development of emotional expression.
During the classes children also work on their space orientation skills.
Children learn to play in an orchestra with children’s musical instruments.
All these tasks are carried out step by step and get to the next level of complexity every year.

Classes for students 6-8 years old

Now that your children are older than 6 years, we set new tasks in musical education.
In these age groups children will continue to learn about renowned composers, classical and folk music.
While listening to and analyzing music pieces, children learn to express their feelings and thoughts clearly.
They develop memory, hearing, enrich Russian vocabulary while describing music pieces.
Children get understanding of musical concepts: register, dynamics, duration, speed, rhythm; vocal, instrumental and band music; performer; genres: ballet, opera, symphony, chamber.
They get understanding of high and low sounds, key parts of music and study musical instruments.
Classes help with voice development, expressive performances of songs; children learn to breathe deep and hold the breath until the end of the phrase; to sing individually and together. Children learn to play simple instruments: glockenspiel, percussion,the Russian folk musical instruments: graggerses, rattles, and triangles.
In other words, children learn to appreciate and make music through music, dance, and a broad range of games and exercises.
Join our  “World of Music” Class with Marina Drankina, an enthusiastic and loving music teacher who will be glad to work with your children and to teach them creativity through the beautiful art of music.
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