You can – Volonteer

You can – Volonteer

We love our volunteers! IMG 1237
You help makes the life of our Community and kid's childhood more creative.
Volunteers are an integral part of the community at the Solo School, and we are always happy to have their assistance.
Whether you have an artistic talent that you would like to share or would just like to get involved, volunteering at Solo School is the perfect opportunity to give back to the community while enjoying and supporting the arts.
Act in the Shows and performances  (just after audition)
Activities for kids during Shows and performances
Make costumes and decorations
Make upIMG 2601
Photo /Video
Set up / Clean
School Days:
Share you creative experince with our Students
Interpreters Russian / English
 IMG 2656
Spread the world:
Advertise our School
Distribute advertising materials
Find funds and sponsors
Find places where we can share and exchange our talents with other communities
Benefits for Active Volunteers
  • Gain valuable experience in the fine arts

  • Give back to your community while enjoying and supporting the fine arts MG 8269

  • Meet new people, make new friends, and have fun!

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